About Genesis Illumination and StunRay® Non-Lethal Technology

Genesis Illumination, Inc. is an OEM of high intensity lighting products. Our incoherent light based non-lethal weapons, high intensity spotlights & searchlights, and long range infra-red (IR) illuminators support military, security, law enforcement, and general first responder applications.

Our StunRay® non-lethal light weapons provide a first responder with a continuously variable and pain-free choice between shoot and don’t shoot, at ranges that are generally greater than other non-lethal (or less-than-lethal) weapons. This helps to ensure the safety of the first responder, but also gives them time to decide on the proper level of force that should be used.

Clinical evaluations of multiple subjects exposed to the StunRay® beam have shown it to be not only effective, but also safe. In the evaluations, all subjects exposed to the StunRay® beam were instantaneously unable to discern his or her immediate surroundings, and, as a result, stopped aggressive physical motions that require gross motor skills, and were easily apprehended. The subjects likened the effect to being hit with a barrage of overpowering light bullets. All subjects recovered within minutes to their pre-exposure condition, and extensive clinical evaluations by board certified ophthalmologists of the subjects after the exposure have shown that their eyes were uninjured, and that there were no permanent structural or functional changes to their eyes or visual system.

Additionally, the output of our XL-2000 StunRay® non-lethal weapon has been shown to be consistent with the Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Broad-Band Incoherent Optical Radiation (0.38 to 3 µm), published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, and the operation of the XL-2000 has been assessed to be safe by David Sliney, PhD, an industry recognized optical safety subject matter expert who is a member of the Standing Committee IV, Optical Radiation, of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

Since the StunRay effect is pain-free, it complies with international treaties against inflicting pain, and it can be exported from the United States, to support international applications.

Featured in the Patent Watch section of the Scientific American magazine, our technology and design is protected by US patents 7,866,082 and 7,497,586. The patents also include European PCT filing rights. Patent 7,866,082, issued January 11, 2011 claims “A method for incapacitation one or more targeted individuals comprising steps of providing a high intensity incoherent light beam emitting device, wherein said device comprises a short arc lamp… there by incapacitating said one or more target individuals.” Patent 7,497,586 issued March 03, 2009 claims “A device for incapacitating one or more target individuals…”.

Since our StunRay also provides high intensity visible white light for general night illumination, as well as near infrared radiation, to support covert surveillance, using night vision equipment, it is a 3-in-1 device that can be used for multiple functions.

Founded in 2006, Genesis is U.S. Small Business and Veteran Owned certified. We currently working with users, investors, integrators, and joint venture partners to develop and deliver a family of StunRay® products to meet the needs of military, security, law enforcement, and general first responder applications world wide, including the growing need for anti-piracy countermeasures for cargo and passenger ships.

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Herbert Parker-President

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