Product: ShipRay BBL-3 Non-Lethal Anti-Piracy Countermeasure

Overview: ShipRayTM BBL-3

The ShipRayTM BBL-3 is a custom engineered ship-mounted or oil Rig mounted array of the high-intensity StunRay® spotlights that is comprises of an array of scaled up StunRay® XL-2000 modules .  The array produces an intensely focused and collimated beam of incoherent optical radiation using StunRay® technology, with a spectrum that has both visible and invisible near-infrared wavelengths.  It is intended to offer countermeasure protection for cargo and passenger ships against piracy and/or terrorist attacks, a rapidly increasing concern and threat.  Key performance parameters for the ShipRayTM include an illumination range to the horizon, and a night-time stun capability at a range of 0.5 nautical mile. 

The initial systems engineering and the definition of the architecture for the ShipRayTM BBL-3 are TRL-2 and can be integrated into a ships radar tracking system.  Working with a system integrator, additional integration design work will be required after receipt of an order to complete the initial detailed product design for a specific users application, and the fabrication of prototype units to begin design verification testing.

(1) Non-Lethal Weapon

The ShipRayTM lights are designed to be used, at night or during the day (under development), as a light-based non-lethal weapon.  In this operating mode, the device provides a steady or pulsed beam of visible pure white light.  The light is applied to the eyes of the adversaries, which results in a temporary overload of the adversary’s optical network.  As a result, the adversary is safely and painlessly distracted, disoriented, or otherwise incapacitated, and may be apprehended or deterred with relative ease.

Genesis has completed a safety assessment that shows that the operation of the ShipRayTM is consistent with the safety guidelines of the International Council for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection for broad-band incoherent optical radiation when used as directed and at an appropriate range. The adversary  fully recovered with 5 minutes, with no adverse effects or permanent injuries.

(2) Infrared Intensifier, for Night-Time Covert Surveillance

The devices lights may be used, at night, to assist IR covert surveillance, to detect the presence of a possible adversary.  In this operating mode, the responder is equipped with night vision, and the spotlight is equipped with a black filter that blocks the visible output, so that it provides a steady beam of invisible infrared radiation.  Since the responder can see but cannot be seen, he/she has a covert surveillance capability that provides a powerful situational awareness advantage over the possible adversary.  Should the adversary be using infrared night vision equipment, then the intense IR beam from the ShipRay equipment will overload/overpower the adversary’s night vision viewing equipment, rendering it useless.  The ShipRayTM IR illumination viewer enhancement will illuminate to the horizon.

(3) General Night-Time Illumination

The intensely bright ShipRayTM visual light can be used at night to deter a possible adversary.  In this operating mode, the spotlight effect provides a steady beam of visible pure white light.  This enables the ShipRayTM operator to illuminate a possible adversary, to not only let the possible adversary know that a responder is nearby, but also to determine the intent of the adversary, with sufficient time to determine an appropriate level  of  response.  For the ShipRay’s visible light can be seen to the horizon.