Product: StunRay XL-2000: Handheld Non-Lethal Effector plus IR & Visual Illumination Tool

Handheld XL-2000 StunRay®   3-In-1 Tool for First Responders

The XL-2000 StunRay®  is a hand-held high-intensity portable spotlight.  It produces a collimated beam of incoherent optical radiation, with a spectrum that has both visible and invisible near-infrared wavelengths.  It  provides a variable range of force options that gives military, law enforcement, security, and other first responders  a true choice between shoot and don’t shoot during an encounter with a possible adversary.

The XL-2000 StunRay may be used at night to:

• Identify possible adversaries at a range to 6000 feet-Visible Light
• Covertly survey adversaries to 1 mile-Infrared with night vision
• Warn possible adversaries, at a range of 500 to 1000 feet
• Distract and deter aggressive behavior at 150 to 600 feet
• Suppress and incapacitate at a range of 30 to 150 feet

The XL-2000 StunRay® supports multiple uses:
(1) Non-Lethal Weapon: The StunRay® beam  may be used during the day (in development) and at night, as a light-based non-lethal weapon.  In this operating mode, the spotlight provides a steady or pulsed beam of visible pure white light.  The light is applied to the eyes of the adversary, which results in a temporary overload of the adversary’s optical network.  As a result, the adversary is safely and painlessly distracted, disoriented, or otherwise incapacitated, and may be apprehended with relative ease.

We have completed a safety assessment that shows that the operation of the StunRay® XL-2000 is consistent with the safety guidelines of the International Council for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection for broad-band incoherent optical radiation.  Multiple night-time demonstrations have confirmed the stun capability on a variety of adversaries.  In every case, the adversary was stunned at ranges between 30 and 150 feet, and fully recovered with 5 minutes, with no adverse effects or permanent injuries.

(2) Infrared Intensifier, for Night-Time Covert Surveillance:  The spotlight may be used, at night, to assist covert surveillance, to detect the presence of a possible adversary.  In this operating mode, the responder is equipped with night vision, and the spotlight is equipped with a black filter that blocks the visible output, so that it provides a steady beam of invisible infrared radiation.  Since the responder can see but cannot be seen, he/she has a covert surveillance capability that provides a powerful situational awareness advantage over the possible adversary.  For the XL-2000 StunRay® , this capability has been demonstrated at a range of 4000 feet.

(3) General Night-Time Illumination: The spotlight can be used at night to deter a possible adversary.  In this operating mode, the spotlight provides a steady beam of visible pure white light.  This enables the first responder to illuminate a possible adversary, to not only let the possible adversary know that a responder is nearby, but also to determine the intent of the adversary, with sufficient time to determine an appropriate level  of  response.  For the XL-2000 StunRay® XL, this capability has been demonstrated at a range of 6000 feet.

(4) Navigation Aid for Fire Search and Rescue: The XL-2000 StunRay®  may also be used as a navigation aid for fire search and rescue.  In this operating mode, the spotlight is equipped with an orange filter, so that it provides a steady, highly collimated beam of orange-colored light that penetrates smoke (as well as fog). This enables fire fighters to locate trapped victims, when conducting a right hand search pattern within a smoke filled burning building.  For the For the XL-2000 StunRay® XL, this capability has been demonstrated at a range of 100 feet.

Product Availability

The XL-2000 StunRay® is currently at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6.  Please call for availability.