Product: StunRay LAND SEA & AIR Non-Lethal Incapacitation, Spotlight and IR Illumination



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Depending on the mission, StunRay can adapt StunRay Non-Lethal distraction and incapacitation, while providing enhanced IR covert illumination for surveillance capability.  Non-Lethal power and range can be configured to meet the mission goals from 50 feet to 3000 ft.  Spotlight capability can range from 1000 ft to 20 miles.  Application can cover target and decoy, reconnaissance, search and rescue, combat, as well as civil and commercial use.

StunRay for Land Sea and Air Applications

Our technology is easily scaled to meet other extended range non-lethal application requirements.  The company will work with System integrators to develop and offer systems with greater range for mounting on  vehicles, helicopters, patrol boats and fixed infrastructure perimeter protection systems.

The StunRay  is an appropriate tool for mounting on Ground Combat Vehicle  (GCV) conceptual design, Abram Tanks, and as a components applicable to other Infantry Fighting Vehicle with modular, scalable and tailorable capabilities.  It can be custom designed to be  to other variant combat vehicles in the future.  Applications are envisioned for UAVs adn robots of various types.

Robotics and Unmanned Vehicle Systems:
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unmanned aircraft system (UAS), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle System (UAVS): Depending on the mission, StunRay can provide non-lethal distraction and incapacitation, while providing enhanced IR covert illumination for servailance capability.  Application cover target and decoy, reconnaissance, search adn rescue, in combat, civil and commercial use.

Military and Police Vehicles

StunRay can be adapted for crowd control and surveillance on most police support vehicles  and drones to provided non-lethal control options, visual and   IR viewing and illumination options.  No mater what your vehicle configuration, Genesis can adapt a StunRay model to your application.


Helicopter and Patrol Boat Mounting

Have us configure a system for your client’s helicopter or patrol boat for drug interdiction, crime intervention or search and rescue missions. Disable the operator of a high speed drug running boat on the open seas from the air, board a boat rendering the occupants temporary unable to see, or dissuade a high speed driver from continuing from the air.  The potential applications are endless.