StunRay -An amazing Non-Lethal Light Beam Weapon from Genesis Illumination

Anyone who has ever been temporarily disoriented by a strobe light can attest to how quickly a bright light can wreak havoc with our primary sense of sight. Tactical units have realized this, and attempted to distract and disorient suspects with high-output lamps. These devices are only effective to some degree under ideal conditions, i.e. close ranges, nighttime conditions, etc.  Now, Genesis Illumination technological breakthroughs have given the handheld light a new lease, as a day and night stun device and as an illuminator.


The XL-2000, hand-held less-lethal light beam StunRayTM has been developed by Genesis Illumination, Inc. that stuns, disorients, and incapacitates at a range of up to 150 feet using a narrow collimated incoherent directed visual light beam. While classified by the military as directed energy weapon, it is safe and painless.  It can be use for both day and night operations.  The XL-2000 can even debilitate a suspect who is behind tinted or one-way glass.

Genesis Illumination, Inc’s StunRayTM technology has just been granted US Patent No. 7,866,082 for the exclusive use of arc lamp generated incoherent light for non-lethal incapacitation.

For illumination applications, the XL-2000 out powered other illumination devices to to be the world’s most powerful blistering Visible Illuminator and Infrared Intensifier offering night vision for counter-surveillance measures unprecedented until now.  It also serves as a powerful visible light source over great distances, and penetrates dense smoke, and fog.  The tactical potential for the StunRayTM XL-2000 is enormous.

How powerful is this beam? An auto headlight puts out 100,000 CP or one-twenty-third the power of the XL-2000.  A 5.25-inch diameter aircraft landing light emits about 200,000 CP, still paling in comparison to the light generated by the XL-2000’s new Xenon gas plasma bulb.  At the time of this writing, this unit is almost two times more powerful than its strongest competitor. It’s useful range is in excess of one mile, at which distance one can read a newspaper at night.  This is due partly to its narrow one-degree beam spread, which keeps the beam concentrated and very pointed.  Its beam is adjustable from one to ten degrees.  Until now, lights this powerful were available only in helicopters or large searchlights.  The XL-2000 weighs a mere 5 pounds, making it portable enough for single-handed use.

The XL-2000 has excellent applications for sniper operations.  As a target illuminator it simply has no equal.  With its IR filter in place the unit can project an incredibly powerful infrared beam to light up targets for IR goggles and weapons scopes at one mile. It also can be a powerful counter sniper tool.  By flashing the beam over suspected sniper posts, such as a bank of windows, the powerful light can catch the eyes or scope of the sniper, destroying his ability to focus well enough for decent shooting.  If the sniper was spotting targets through his scope and the beam caught him unaware, the afterimage burned onto the rods and cones of his retina would temporarily destroy his sight. If the sniper is spotted, the beam could be held on him to hold his fire and pinpoint his position for anyone within small arms range.  Thus the XL-2000 may prove to be a versatile sniper-suppression device, particularly in urban environments.

Entry teams will appreciate the stun feature of the handheld XL-2000 StunRayTM, which is very potent at close ranges. The beam can be used to ‘cover’ a team moving through an exposed area by blanketing the areas likely to give fire in a bath of intense light. In terms of non-lethal options, the light provides interesting alternatives to conventional distraction techniques where children and friendlies are involved.  Because the effects of visual exposure to the beam are temporary and only last 5-10 minutes, friendlies who get “hit” don’t get hurt.

Military security and surveillance personnel can now light up the night with a hand-held device that is both portable and truly powerful.  Want to see what’s in that shadow behind an oil storage tank half a mile away?  Point the XL-2000 at it and view the area through binoculars. At this range the beam is still only 20 feet in diameter and quite strong. It would be easy to discriminate between a coyote and a terrorist. The Border Patrol, prison/corrections, and Customs will undoubtedly find uses as abundant as the variety of services they perform.

With its narrow beam and infrared and amber filters, the unit is also a truly effective smoke cutter, as witnessed by the writer of this article.  This feature alone assures the XL-2000 a place in the fire and search and rescue industry.

Besides its power, the XL-2000 offers other advantages over conventional lights.  Its light does not dim as the battery is expended and it does not have the characteristic dark spots or “black hole” of other lights.  It features a cool beam, meaning it does not generate the high temperatures of a conventional high-intensity light.  Because of this absence of heat buildup, the unit can remain on continuously for the 120 minute life of its rechargeable battery pack. Constructed of Ultem® polymer, the unit is mil-spec ready.

The technology is easily scalable from 20W to 10,000W, suitable for handheld effectors, vehicle mounting, ship protection, and other applications.

The StunRayTM has application for repelling pirate attacks. The ability of the Long Range StunRayTM technology based on proven eye-safe light-generating technology to affect the vision and stability of a person can be used to either escalate the effect on an approaching vessel or to quickly respond in the case of a surprise hostile action.  Applications can be scaled from an “attention getter”, to a distraction device, to an unambiguous warning, and finally to a non-lethal eye-safe response effecter that will interfere with the ability of the subjects to operate their craft or fire weapons accurately.  If an approaching craft is deemed an imminent threat requiring the use of deadly force, the light could be used to dazzle the subject, either causing loss of control or interfering with navigation to allow sufficient time to direct other lethal effectors or to exit to a safe area.  The larger scale versions would be very lightweight and suitable for both fixed installations and temporary deployment on platforms ranging from SUV’s to Riverine and littoral patrol craft to large ships and land-based sites facing hostile forces. Analysis indicates that the long range StunRayTM will be able to warn surface targets at ranges greater than 800 yards during daylight and more than 1500 yards at night with the potential of larger version to incapacitate at ranges of ½ nautical miles or more.

By becoming the first incoherent non-lethal light beam effector and ultra-high intensity portable searchlight, the XL-2000 StunRayTM represents a significant leap forward in lighting technology.  This technology will see initial usage by military, coastguard, navy, federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies, FEMA, first responders, and federal and state prisons among others.

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