Non-Lethal and Infrared JV Partners and System Integrator Opportunities

Genesis Illumination is seeking joint venture partners and system integrators to bring a  breakthrough family of revolutionary high-performance lighting products to market. Genesis technology has broad application for non-lethal stun, illumination and infrared surveillance for US & International Military and Law Enforcement, Homeland Security & Peacekeeping, National, State, & Local law-enforcement, Border Patrol, private security contractors, prisons, First Responders, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, and Maritime/Marine industries.

With escalating emphasis on security and combating terrorism, the market is projected to grow exponentially in the future.  After extensive research and development of StunRay® technology, we have patent protection for 20 years.  We are perfectly positioned to control a key segment of this lucrative market.

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Integrated Effector Tracking System

Genesis-Illumination and PerceptiVU have teamed up to provide the capability to support customers who need an integrated solution to security and surveillance.  By combining the non-lethal effects and IR illumination capabilities of the StunRay with integrated cameras and video trackers, Genesis-Illumination and PerceptiVU can provide a multi-unit, highly integrated system.  Remote operators can control the video cameras, trackers and StunRay to provide surveillance, warning and non-lethal interdiction.

PerceptiVU is a leader in providing real-time target tracking products and solutions. Founded in January 2002 PerceptiVU brings to the market a unique line of software-based VIDEO TRACKERS.

PerceptiVU devises systems and software solutions for a variety of industries, providing technical consulting in system and software engineering, analysis of emerging technologies and an expertise in the fields of target tracking, pattern recognition and image processing.


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